Manage Location and Fields

When creating a schedule, it is important to have all the location and fields entered into the system. This is extremely important when importing a schedule. Please make sure all locations and fields are correctly added into the system before attempting to import a csv. 


To Add/Edit Locations and Fields, just click on the button located towards the top of the Schedules page.



To edit an existing location click Add/Edit Fields and then click the Edit button next to the Field.


Once on the field, you can adjust the name if needed. This is important when importing a schedule and making sure the fields and locations are spelled correctly. Even an extra space, shown in this screenshot, can cause a conflict with the name.



 Once the Location and Fields have been created, you have the ability to add blackout dates on the Location and Field level. Just click on the Edit Blackout Dates button to add a new date to the location. 


If you would like to add a blackout date on the Field level, click on Edit Fields and then click Blackout Dates next to the correct field. 


Once these dates have been added, they will apply to all future schedules created. 

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