Tips for Importing a Schedule

When importing your schedule, you might encounter an error, telling you something is wrong. When this occurs, the error log will tell you exactly what has been rejected from the import.

Here are some commons errors that you might see and how you can fix your schedule.


Team Name Error


This means that the team you have added in the column does not match any team name in the system. This is not always a bad thing. If you truly do have external teams, you can proceed with the schedule. If you know that this team has been added to the system, double check the spelling of the team name in both the team builder and the import file. They must match up word for word.


Field/Location Error



When importing a calendar, you must already have all locations and fields listed in the system. Each location must have a field. You also need to make sure the spelling of the location and field matches up exactly with what is in the system. Even an extra space can throw this off.

To check the location and fields in the system, CLICK HERE.


Format Error


This can mean a couple of things

  • Make sure you have every column that was shown in the sample schedule. If you remove the Sort Order or Round Number column, this will cause an error upon import. While our system generated schedule recognizes a round as taking place after each team in the schedule plays once, the round number in an import does not have to be overthought.  You can make all rounds 1 if it's easier.

  • When creating the schedule, did you write over a previous schedule? Sometimes the code from the old schedule could be lingering within the file. Try copying your new schedule into a brand new excel file and then saving as a csv.

  • Make sure there are no special characters in the team name.

          Example: Team Blue - Coach Smith


CSV Error  



This means that the file type has not been saved as a csv. Go back and save the file as a csv and try importing again.


Following these tips should ensure for a smooth import. If you are still having trouble, feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Support Ninjas!


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