How to Create a Tournament (Double Elimination)

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Getting Started

The first thing you’ll want to do is head to to the Schedules tab at the top of the page, then click Manage Schedules. From there, click the blue button and select New Schedule in the upper right hand corner.


After clicking the green New Schedule button, you’ll be prompted to choose a type of schedule where you should select Tournament Bracketing.



Step 1 - Schedule Information

This is where you’ll start creating your tournament and fill-in some of the basic information about the schedule. You will also choose the tournament type. You have the option of Single or Double Elimination. 


Use the "Enable game notification reminders" feature to automatically send the appropriate participants/parents/volunteers event reminder emails two days before the scheduled event.

Add email addresses to the "Additional Recipients for Schedule Notifications" field to bcc the specified email on all Schedule Update emails. This is useful for referees or other field staff who'll need to be aware of scheduling changes.


Step 2 - Tournament  Teams

In this step, you’ll decide which teams to include in the tournament. You’ll choose (allocate) teams from the programs/divisions you added in Step 1.

You can also add any external team here that you would like to be included in the schedule. Once a team is allocated you can change the ranking as needed. When you’re done adding teams, click the Save and Continue button.


Step 3 - Manage Locations and Fields

This is where you can add your locations and list the fields that are available for play. Just click the  'New Location’ button on the lower right side and fill-in the site information.

After you’ve added the location, click the ‘+Add/Edit Fields’ button between ‘Status’ and ‘Manage Locations’ to add the specific fields that are available for this tournament. Click Save and Continue to move on to Step 4.


Step 4 - Select Fields

Now choose which specific fields you want the games to be played on. Simply select the location and then allocate the fields you wish to use from the ‘Available Fields’ list.

The scheduling tool will automatically notify you which fields are completely available for the dates and time set in Step 1 and which fields are in use for some of the dates and times set in Step 1.

Once complete, click Save & Continue.

Step 5 - Schedule Blackout Dates

If there are specific dates and times that fields or teams are unavailable, you can accommodate them automatically in the scheduling process. You can set blackout dates at the location, field or team level.

Simply click on the ‘Add New Blackout’ button next to the location, field, or team that you would like to change and add your date/time preferences.

Step 6 - Tournament Overview

Take a quick look and make sure all of your tournament details are correct. You can jump back to any step or click the “Edit” button to make adjustments.


Step 7 - Edit Matches

The schedule generates just like a single elimination schedule except you will now see a Winner and Consolation Bracket. Screen_Shot_2019-11-08_at_1.10.56_PM.png


You can still edit matches by clicking on the edit pencil in between each game or scroll to the bottom where the matches are shown in list form. 

Once a team loses a game, they then drop down to the Consolation bracket. If they then win the Consolation bracket, they then make it back up to the Winners bracket. If the Winners bracket champion wins against the Consolation bracket champion, then they win the whole tournament. However, if the Winners bracket champion loses to the Consolation bracket champion, they must play a second game as that would be the Winners bracket champion’s first loss (since it is double elimination). The winner of the next game would then determine the tournament champion!

This image shows what would happen if the Winner bracket Champion beats the Consolation bracket champion, as well as the additional game that's played what if the Consolation bracket champion beats the Winners bracket champion. 





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