Page Settings (Edit Page Name, Edit Page Permissions, etc.)

Page Settings

This consists of Page Name, Title, Description, Keywords, Parent Page, View Permissions, and many more. See our Explanation of Page Settings below.

Steps to Edit a Page's Settings:

  1. Click Website on the admin menu.
  2. Click Settings next to the page settings you would like to edit. 

  3. Change or enter any Page Details you need to (i.e. change Page Name, Page Title).

  4. Select a Parent Page for this page if you need to. This means the page you are editing will display underneath the specific Parent Page you choose. *Note: In the image below, About Our Club is the Parent Page of Our Club. 

  5. To include a page in your menu, make sure there is a check mark in the Include In Menu? check box. This means the page will display in the main navigation menu.


  6. Scroll to the top of the page and click on the Permissions tab.

    You can choose the groups of people that can view and administer this page here. If a group of users has a green check mark in the View Page check box, this means that they can only view the page you are currently editing.

    Those users who have a blue check mark in the Edit Page check box will be able edit the page that you are currently editing. 

    To grant a single user View/Edit access to a page, type their username in the text box below the Permissions module. Click Add and then click in the View Page and Edit Page check boxes to assign access. 


  7. See below for an explanation of the Advanced tab and Other Settings

  8. Click Update Page at the bottom once you are finished making changes.

Explanation of Page Details and Permissions Settings:

  • Page Name- This is the name of the Page. The text you enter will be displayed in the menu system.
  • Page Title- Enter a title for the Page here. The text you enter will be displayed in the browser window title.
  • Description- Enter a description about this page here.
  • Parent Page- Select the page that you would like this page to be a child of.
  • Include In Menu- You have the choice on whether or not to include the page in the main navigation menu. If a page is not included in the menu, you can still link to it based on its page URL.
  • Permissions- Choose the groups of people that can view and administer this page.

Explanation of Advanced and Other Settings:

  • Icon- the chosen image will appear in the menu next to the page name
  • Page Skin- The selected skin (background) will be applied to this page.
  • Page Container- The selected container will be applied to modules on this page
  • Disabled- If the page is disabled it is not available to users of the site. You can use this option to suppress content that you might wish to show at a later time.
  • Start Date- Enter the start date for displaying this page. You may use the Calendar to pick a date.
  • End Date- Enter the end date for displaying this page. You may use the Calendar to pick a date.
  • Link URL- If you would like this page to behave as a navigation link to another resource, you can specify the Link URL value here. Please note that this field is optional.
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