Linking a Page

1) Go to your Website Manager tool and click on Settings for the page that you would like to link.



2) Select the Advanced Settings option.



3) Expand the Other Settings Option.



4) Select the source you would like to link your page to; None, URL, Page, or File.

        a. Selecting None will set the page link to take you to the original page

        b. Selecting URL will allow you to link the page to any URL.

        c. Selecting Page will allow you to link to a different page on your site.

        d. Selecting File will allow you to link to a file that you have uploaded on to the site. When the user clicks on the page link it will open or download the file.


Useful tip: If you select the File Location other than Root, you will be able to upload the file you would like to link to within the module.

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