Add Content to a Page


We use the term Module for content on a page.

Steps to Add Content to a Page:

  1. At this point you have already created an inner page for your website.
  2. Each new inner page comes with a Content module (most common type of module) already available for you to add content to.
  3. If you’d like to add a different type of module to a page or an additional Content module, you’ll first need to navigate to the page you want to add it to.
  4. Once on the page, click the module type  you would like to add to the page and drag it into the section where you would like it to display. 

    Module Types (click on the Module Name to learn how to edit the module):

    Content- this is the most commonly used module to create content for your website. You can create text, format text, create links, and place images within this module.
    Field Directory - used to display field location and status (open, closed, partially open).
    Gallery - used as a slideshow for club photos. Pulls images/videos from Flickr, and YouTube.
    Links - used to create a links section on an inner page.
    Registration Listing - publicly displays Program and Division descriptions with a Register Now button.
    Team Personnel Listing - publicly displays Team Personnel and descriptions with a Sign Up button.
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