Edit a Gallery Module

Gallery Module

The Gallery Module is a great way to showcase team photos and videos via Flickr (photos) or YouTube (videos). You must first create albums (Flickr), and playlists (YouTube) on your personal or club accounts.

Steps to Edit a Gallery Module:

  1. Go to any inner page and drag the Gallery Module onto the page.
  2. Enter a Title if you wish, and select a Pane location for your Gallery to appear in. Click AddSee Steps to Add Content to a Page.
  3. Once you add a Gallery Module, hover over the edit pencil and select Gallery Settings.

  4. Insert your Flickr or YouTube RSS URL in the RSS URL box. *Note: Please see below for the necessary steps for finding your RSS URL on either Flickr or YouTube.

  5. You also have the option to display your photos in the Gallery with a horizontal or vertical layout. *Note: Make sure to choose the layout under the correct option depending on whether you’re linking to Flickr or YouTube.
  6. Click on Save Changes. Your Gallery is now ready!
  7. *Note: If you make updates to your albums/playlists the changes will show in the Gallery as well.

Steps to find the RSS URL on Flickr:

*Note: You'll have to set up a Flickr account and add photos to this account if you haven’t already done so.

  1. Once you have an account set up and photos added, you’ll have to create your own Album of photos on the Flickr website. Then hover over You and click on Organize.


  2. Next, drag and drop photos from your photo stream to the middle of the page. Only include photos you wish to have appear in this particular Gallery. 


  3. Once you are done, click  Add to album >> New album

    Make sure you give your Set a title and click Save.



  4. Navigate back to your Home Page on the Flickr website. You can do this by simply clicking the Flickr icon in the left hand corner of the page.

    Hover over You and click on Albums.

  5. Find the Album you’d like to use for this Gallery. Click the Share button near the bottom of the album preview. Then copy the provided link.

  6. Copy and paste the URL into your RSS URL box for your Gallery. Make sure to select the Flickr option, with either a horizontal or vertical layout.

  7. Click Save Changes

Steps to find the RSS URL on YouTube:

*Note: You’ll have to set up your own YouTube account, upload or search existing videos, and add them to a Playlist before moving on to these next steps.

  1. Sign into your YouTube account and navigate to your Channel.

  2. Click on the Videos and Playlists tab. Make sure the Playlist check box is checked. Click Save Changes.

  3. Click the Playlists tab. Then click on the particular Playlist on the right side of the screen that you would like your Gallery to pull from.

  4. After you select which playlist, click on the Edit My Playlist Button.

  5. Click the Share button. Copy the URL link in the Playlist URL section.

  6. Paste the link into your RSS URL box for your Gallery. Make sure to select the YouTube option, with either a horizontal or vertical layout.

  7. Click Save Changes
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