Edit a Field Directory Module

Field Directory Module

The Field Directory module is a great tool for updating field status and showing field locations within an inner page on your site.

Steps to Edit a Field Directory Module:

  1. First, you'll need to select and add the Field Directory Module through our Steps to Add Content to a Page.
  2. If you've already added Locations and Fields through the Schedules feature or on your Home Page Field Status module, they'll automatically populate into your Field Directory Module.
  3. If not, simply hover over the arrow in the top left corner of the Field Directory Module and go to Manage Field Directory.

  4. Click on Add New Location.

  5. Enter the Location Name.
  6. Enter the Location Address. This will populate a Google Map for the location on the Field Directory Module.

  7. Set the Status of the location as Open, Closed, or Partially Open. Give detail of the Status in the box to the right.
  8. Click on Save.
  9. If your location has multiple fields, click on Add New Field under the location’s name. Enter the Field Name and select a Status. Give detail of the status in the box to the right.

  10. Click on Save.
  11. Feel free to add sort orders in the Order column for any Locations or Fields.
  12. Scroll down and click on Update.
  13. Below is an example of a Field Directory Module:


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