Edit a Links Module

Links Module

The Links module is used to provide a section for links on an inner page.

Steps to Edit a Links Module:

  1. Go to any inner page and drag the Links Module onto the page. 
  2. Enter a Title if you wish, and select a Pane and location for your Links to appear in. Click AddSee Steps to Add Content to a Page.
  3. Once you add a Links module, hover over the arrow and click on Add Content. *Use the Manage Content button to edit links that have already been created. Use the Move button at the bottom to move the Links module to a different pane on the page.

  4. Enter a Title for the Link. *This will be the clickable text for the link. Then select the Link Type. You can link to an outside URL, an inner page on your site, or a file.

  5. Enter a Sort Order for the Link. We recommend using increments of 10 (i.e. 10, 20, 30,and so on) so that it's easier to add links in between later on.

  6. Select whether or not you want the link to Open in a New Window or not. *We recommend opening in a new window if you're linking to an external site or to a file.
  7. Scroll down and click on Save Link when you're finished!
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