Add/Edit a Registration Listing Module

Registration Listing

Registration Listing Modules display the descriptions of Programs/Divisions of your choice. If the selected Program/Division is available for registration, the Listing Module will display a clickable Register Now button; if the Division is not within its registration dates, the module will display a countdown timer until the Division is available.  


Steps to Add/Edit a Registration Listing Module:

  1. First, you'll need to select and add the Registration Listing Module through our Steps to Add Content to a Page.
  2. Then click the Manage Content button. Please note - this button is only visible to users with administrative privileges.
  3. Use the drop-down menu to select a Program, then "Select" the Division's you'll like to display. You'll also see the option to display Season Dates, Registration Open/Close Dates, and the Price.2018-07-12_07h58_23.png

  4. Always click Save Settings at the bottom before selecting another Program to configure


         The "Back" button will direct you back to the customer's view of the module.



 5. S
elect another Program from the drop-down menu to display or un-display its Divisions. Keep doing this until you've configured the settings for each program.

6. To edit the displayed Program descriptions, go to Registration >> then click  Edit>>Program Information. To edit the Division's descriptions, navigate to Step 6 and click the Advanced Settings button of the appropriate Division.

7. If you would like to change the sort order of the Programs or Divisions, go to Registration. To change the sort order of the program, you can adjust the numbers on the left side of the registration landing page and click Save Sort Order. You can make the same adjustments on the division level by clicking Edit>>Divisions next to the program name. 

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