Edit a Team Personnel Listing Module

Team Personnel Listing

This module displays the descriptions of your Available Team Personnel Roles configured in the Registration Wizard (Step 4) of each Program. It allows users to click on a Sign Up button that will direct the user to log in to their account or create an account to start the volunteer sign up process. This is especially handy for clubs that have team personnel that sign up without registering any participants. You’ll be able to select which Positions to display in the module for each program.

Steps to Edit a Volunteer Listing Module:

  1. First, you'll need to select and add the Team Personnel Module through our Steps to Add Content to a Page.
  2. Then click on the Manage Content button.

  3. Use the Yes or No switches to display or un-display Team Personnel within a program for this module. *Please note: When the module is added, it defaults to show all available Team Personnel.

  4. Always click on Save Public Team Personnel at the bottom when you’re finished.

  5. Select another program from the drop down menu to publicly display or un-display its Team Personnel. Keep doing this until you've configured the display settings for each program for this module.
  6. To edit the team personnel descriptions that displays when you click on the position, please navigate to Registration >> Volunteers >> then Edit the Volunteer Role to edit the description. OR navigate to Step 4 of the Registration Wizard for that Program and edit the Volunteer Role there.
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