Embed a Google Doc

Embedding a Google Doc

This allows you to take all the information from a Google Doc and incorporate it into a Content module on your site.

Steps to Embed a Google Doc:

  1. Go to your Drive tab within your Google Account.


  2. Find and click on the Title of your document in your list of Google Docs.

  3. Once your Google Doc is open, click on File >> Publish to the web...


  4. Click on Start publishing and OK to publish your document to the web. *Note: Publishing will make this content viewable by anyone who has the published link, but will not change the document's sharing settings.


  5. Next, copy the Embed code to embed on your Blue Sombrero site.

  6. Flip over to your Blue Sombrero site and click on Edit Content in the Content Module you would like to display the document in.  

  7. Click on the HTML tab at the bottom of the module. Paste the Embed code into the box. 

  8. Insert width="960" height="720" after the quotation marks (") after true, but before the  > symbol

    *Note: This is just a suggested width/height combination. If you do not like how the image displays after you click Save, click edit content and change this width and height until the doc displays how you would like it to display. 


  9. Click on Save. You may need to clear your cache by hitting Ctrl + F5 simultaneously on your keyboard for your update to take effect. This will display your Google Doc on your Sports Connect site!

    Remember, you must leave your document published to the web through your Google Drive or it will not display on your Sports Connect site. 
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