Configure Donations at Check Out

Donations at Check Out

You can set up your site to accept donations on the check out screen. A maximum of 4 set donation amounts and 1 custom donation amount can be added. *Please Note: Donations will only be accepted in the system if the customer is paying by credit card. 

Steps to Configure Donations at Check Out:

  1. Go to Common >> Site Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Donations section.
  3. Enter a Donation Note to appear on the check out screen. See image below. 

  4. To enter set Donation Amounts, enter in the Donation Name and Donation Amount (you do not need to include the dollar sign here).

  5. Click on Add Donation.
  6. To enter a custom Donation Amount (meaning the user will decide how much to donate), enter in the Donation Name and then click on Add Custom Donation.

  7. Click on Update at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.
  8. The image below is an example of how the donations will appear to the user at check out.

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