Site Settings

Site Settings

We have already configured most of your Site Settings for you but there are some optional items for you to use including: Secondary Contact InfoDonationsCoupon DiscountsCity & Zip Codes for Resident Area Fees/Discounts, and many more!

Steps to Configure Site Settings:

    1. Go to Common >> Site Settings.

      Instructions and Messages

    2. Add any additional Login Instructions text that you'd like. This will show up on the login screen.
    3. Add any additional Registration Instructions text that you'd like. This will show up on the contact info screen(the screen after a user creates an account).
    4. Add any additional Balance Statement text that you'd like. This will show up on any balance statement that you send out.
    5. Add any additional New User Signup text that you'd like. This text will be in addition to our default text shown below and will be sent to the user when they first create an account on your portal.

    6. Add any additional Receive Payments text that you'd like. This text will be in addition to our default text shown below and will be sent to the user when a payment has been received for their order.


      User Settings

    7. Display or require any additional Primary or Secondary Contact Information to be collected during the registration process. We automatically require the following Primary Contact Information: First Name, Last Name, Address, Email, and Telephone. Whenever a Secondary Contact item is displayed or required, users will be allowed to enter their contact's email address and invite them to share an account. This way Secondary Parent/Guardians will know they've been added to the account and can double check that the provided information is accurate.

      You can also chose to Allow Social Stream here. This button turns on the option for coaches to create their own hashtag for their team. Once this is turned on in the site settings, each coach has the option to decide this on their own in the Team Settings

    8. Under the Account Info Settings section, you can add any custom questions that you'd like to ask when a user creates an account. This will be displayed to every single user who creates an account on your website. You can choose to require this question if you would like and you can always report on this question at a later time. To add a new question, just click + New Field

      You also have the option to display Team Notification Emails. If this is enabled, parents have the option to opt out of the team notifications, which include administrative news notifications. They can do so under their account settings. 

    9. Player Settings allows you to display and require information such as Birth Certificates.

    10. Player File/Document Upload allows players to upload certain documents before registration. This is a great spot for something like Proof of Residency that might be required. You can verify the information later by going to Player Verification

      ** If you wish to require this information per program instead of across the whole site, you can add the question to the specific program by going to Step 2 of set up. **


      Donations, Fees and Discounts

    11. Under the Apply Discounts section, make sure to keep a check mark in the box next to each discount option that you want enabled on your portal. Otherwise these discounts (configured under each Program and/or Division) won't apply on the check out screen.
    12. Configure any Coupon Discount codes. See Configure Coupon Discount Codes.
    13. Configure Donations options at check out. See Configure Donations at Checkout.
    14. Configure Non-Volunteer Fee

      This fee is charged to any users who have not signed up for a volunteer role in any program during the indicated time frame. If the fee is set “Once per player,” each player registered will be charged the fee once, no matter how many programs they register for. If the fee is set “Once per account” each family account will be charge the fee only once. Administrators will use the Start Date and End Date fields to determine the date range when this fee is charged. If the fee is reset, users who already paid a site-level fee are eligible to be charged the fee again.



    15.  Configuring the Family Max

      Users will not be charged in excess of the Family Max. If the max is set to "Total Price,” all division prices and any other fees or discounts on the order will count towards the max amount. If the fee is set “Division Price” only the division prices will count toward this max amount set. Administrators will use the Start Date and End Date fields to determine the date range when this Family Max is applied.

    16. Add an Alumni Discount amount if you'd like. This is automatically applied if the user is a returning registrant.
    17. Enter in Cities and/or Zip Codes for your Resident Discount/Fee to pull from. To add the discount/fee amount, you'll need to navigate to Step 3 of the Registration Wizard for each of your programs.

    18. Add any Custom Fees/Discounts to set on the order level - for every single order placed on your portal. You're also given the option to set custom fee/discounts per program (Under Create/Edit a Program), which is the most common, or per division (Under Create/Edit a Division) instead.
    19. Select an Activity Type if your organization only has one activity. If your organization has more than one activity, you'll want to set the activity type when creating a program instead.
    20. When you're finished, click on Update at the bottom.
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