Home Page Links

Home Page Links

Add links and site links to internal or external pages!

Steps to Update Home Page Links:

  1. Click on the Links or Site Links icon on the home page settings panel. *Links will appear within the home page and Site Links will appear at the bottom of the home page.

  2. Click on Add New Link.
  3. Give the link a Title.
  4. Select the Link Type.

  5. Click on Upload New Photo. *Please Note: image option will not be available for display for all themes.
  6. Click on Choose File >> Select the image file from your computer >> Click on Upload.
  7. Use the edges of the crop box to crop the photo >> then click on Crop.

  8. Click on Save Photo.
  9. For Hera Theme Only: Choose a Link Icon from the drop down menu.
  10. Enter a Sort Order for the link to appear among all the other links.

  11. Put a check mark in the Open in new window box if you’d like the URL link to open up in a new window. *Please Note: some themes will display a description for the link image.
  12. Click on Save Link at the bottom of the page.
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