Select a Home Page Theme

Each theme comes with different content that can be added. You can preview the theme before selecting it by clicking on the theme's image. *Note: Home page content will transfer when you select a new theme. 

Steps to Update Home Page Theme:

  1. Click on the Themes button on the Home Page Settings panel.

  2. This landing page helps you select which theme and color is best for you. You have the ability to filter by Level, Color, or Background.  

    All of our themes are awesome, but you can select a theme that suits your level of expertise. The process for adding content is the same for each theme. A theme is considered more advanced based on the amount of content needed and the image quality required for the rotator photos. 

    Only certain themes have a light and dark version. If you wish to view everything available, do not select any of the filters. 

    ***Right now, not all of the themes are available in all colors. Please be patient as we will be releasing new colors for each theme soon.***


  3. If you wish to view a larger version of a theme, simply click on the image. From here you can select different colors or click on the image again to give you a full page view. If you would like Favorite the theme to compare later, click on the heart at the top of the page. Once you have decided which theme to choose, click Use This Theme

  4. If you are comparing your favorites, they can be viewed under the Favorites tab. This is a great option if you would like other Board Members to review before making a final selection. 

    *Any content already added transfers over to the new theme. Please note that each theme will contain slightly different information based on the modules provided for the theme.
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