How to Find/Update Your Facebook ID

Most themes allow for a Facebook feed or Facebook icon to show on the Homepage. These are the steps you need to take to retrieve the Facebook ID and make sure the settings are saved correctly in order to display information. 

First go to your Facebook page. You will need to make sure your club has an organization Facebook Page. This is different from a Facebook Group or an individual Facebook page. A good way to tell if you have the right type of page is to make sure people are able to Follow you. If they have to ask to be your friend or request to join your group, you have the wrong type of account and will need to create a new one. 

How to change Privacy Settings:

1) Go to the Settings for the page.


2) Make sure there are no age or country restrictions.


Finding your Facebook ID:

1)Go to the About page.


2) Go to the Page Info section

3) Scroll to the bottom and grab the Facebook ID.


4) Go back to the Homepage of your website and click Settings


5) Paste in the Facebook ID into the box found in Settings and Save.



** Please note that using hashtags on Facebook will not carry over to your website. Unfortunately this was a decision made by Facebook to shut down access to hashtags in their API. You can still click on hashtags within Facebook but they will not show outside of the social media site. This decision was made by Facebook, so we do not have the ability to change this unless Facebook decides to open up this part of their API. For more information on this, please click the following article. **

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