Adding Team Personnel

*Note: Any team personnel allocated to a team can edit that specific team's page.

Steps to Allocate Team Personnel:

  1. First navigate to Edit>>Team Personnel next to the team you wish to edit.


  2. From the Available Team Personnel section, check the box next to each volunteer you would like to allocate to the team and then click the Add Selected button. Once they have been allocated, they will show up in the bottom section. 

    *Note: You can add all listed volunteers to the team by clicking the check box at the top and then clicking the Add Selected button.Screen_Shot_2019-11-07_at_7.26.42_AM.png

  3. You can add any additional team personnel information (i.e Associated Players, Email, Years of Experience) to help with the team building process. This information will display as a separate column. Just click the Add Team Personnel Information drop down and then the field you would like to display.


  4. You can remove all listed team personnel from the team by checking the box at the top and then clicking the Remove Selected button.


    *Note: Any allocated volunteers will have access to edit the team's page.

  5. Click on the Save and Continue at the bottom of the page to go on to Step 3: Players.
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