Adding Players to a Team

Steps to Allocate Players:

  1. First navigate to Edit>>Players next to the team you wish to edit. 

  2. From the Unallocated Players section, click the check box next to each player you would like to allocate to the team and then click the Add Selected button.

    You can add all listed players to the team by clicking the check box at the top and then clicking the Add Selected button.

    Note: Any player or team personnel that has an R next to them, means they are recommended to be placed on the team. This occurs if the system sees that the parent or child relating to that person has already been placed on a team. That way mom/dad can coach their own child's team. 


  3. You can add any additional player information (i.e Age, Position, Recent Team, Years of Experience) to the Unallocated Player section to help with the team building process. This information will display as a separate column. Just click the Add Player Information drop down and then the field you would like to display. The column will be added to the right of existing player information. 


  4. After you click the Add Selected button, notice the player(s) will now show up on the Allocated Players list below. To remove a player (or players) from the team, simply check the box next to each player you'd like to remove and then click the Remove Selected button. 

    You can remove all listed players from the team by checking the box at the top and then clicking the Remove Selected button.


  5. Once you are done, click Save and Finish at the bottom of the page.

  6. Please see our Steps to Edit Teams if you need to edit a team.
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