Roster Notifications: Send Participant Rejected/Not-accepted Emails

Participant Rejected/Not-accepted Emails

It is optional to send out Participant Rejected/Not-accepted Emails to inform players that they have not been accepted to a team. This email will also be date stamped so that you do not send it multiple times. You can fully customize this email at the program level by going to Registration >> clicking edit next to the tryout program you want to send rejections to >> going to Step 5 of the Registration Wizard >> and customizing the Participant Did Not Make the Team Email.


Steps to Send Participant Reject/Not-accepted Emails:


1. Click the Teams button on the admin tool bar at the top of your screen. This will take you to your Teams  Landing Page.


2. Select the Program and Division of the team(s) you wish to send Participant Rejected/Not-accepted Email to.


3. Click on Roster Notifications to the right of the team name and then Email Tryout Status.




4. In the Did not make the team" section, towards the bottom of the page, check the box next to each player you would like to send a "Participant Did Not Make the Team" email to and then click Send

All players who are unallocated will be listed under the Did not make the team section. 

*Note: You can send all listed players a "Participant Did Not Make the Team" email by checking the box at the top of the column, then clicking Send



7. Notice the Email Status column shows the date and time that you sent the "Participant Did Not Make the Team" email.  

Helpful Tip: Use our Tryout Status Report to keep track of which players you have sent this email to.




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