Add a New Team (Allocate Players & Volunteers)

Team Builder

The Team Builder is used to allocate registered players to different teams within their division. While it is an optional feature for Non-Tryout Programs, it is a necessary and integral part of the Tryout Program. Once you create teams under a Tryout Program, you'll select which players to send a Tryout Acceptance Email to (you can also send a rejection email to players that did not make the team).

In a Tryout Program, a player is not officially part of a team until they accept their position by logging back into the system and paying for their division cost. Under each division you can create an unlimited number of teams.

Steps to Create Teams:

  1. Once you're logged in as Club Admin, click on the Teams button on the admin menu, then select Manage Teams. 

  2. Select the program and division you would like to create the team under from the drop down menus and click the  Add New Team button. 


  3.  A pop up will appear giving you 3 options. Click Manual Team Creation.


  4.  Type in the number of teams and click Make Teams.


  5.  Type in the team names and click Save Teams.


  6. To begin adding players and volunteers to a team, click the Edit button next to the team name and follow Steps 1 through 3 in our Team Wizard.


If you do not want to manually add teams, you can also use our Add Previous Teams or Auto Draft functions.

*Note: Once you have added a team on the Teams screen, this team will be added within the Team Directory under Team Central. Players will not be able to access their team page until you add them to the team and post the roster.


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