How to Verify a Volunteer's Background Check

***This guide does not apply to AYSO Volunteer Verification***

Blue Sombrero is happy to report that we've added a new feature to our all-in-one software solution that makes it easy to compile and monitor background check information. Administrators can now quickly and easily incorporate background check results in to their volunteer profiles.    

1.  Once logged in, head over to the 'Registration' tab

2.  Now, look for the 'Volunteers' link on the left side of the page



3.  Click on the 'Edit' icon on the left side that looks like a pencil


4. Make sure that the 'Include Volunteer in Verification' box is checked - you'll need to do this for each volunteer type



5.  Now, click on the Teams tab on the admin toolbar and go to Team Personnel>>Verifications.



6. Now, you'll see a list of all of your volunteers that haven't had their background checks verified. Here is where you'll add 'Date Submitted' and 'Date Pass/Failed' information. You can also add any notes or additional information about the volunteer.

7.  The next step is to make your changes by clicking the Pass/Fail status buttons


9.  Go ahead and click 'Ok' to accept the changes if everything looks good 



10.  You can now see their status listed next to their name. 



11.  If you would like to edit the frequency of when background verifications expire, you can change that by clicking 'Edit Verification Years' 



Please Note: If a user fails their background check they will automatically be removed from any current teams that they have been allocated to. The system will also restrict the user from being added to any new teams in the future for the period of time configured in your volunteer verification module.

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