Auto Assign Overview



The Auto Assign tool is designed to take tedious team creation out of your hands. Enter the criteria important to your organization’s team creation and the system will automatically assign players and volunteers to teams as evenly as possible. When running an assignment you will be able to select assignment settings and assignment criteria.


Assignment Settings: These options affect which players and volunteers are allowed to be assigned to teams.


Assignment Criteria: These options affect how players and volunteers (or groups of players and volunteers) are ordered and assigned to teams.


Once players and volunteers are grouped and sorted, the system distributes them to teams in snake draft order. For example, if an automatic assignment were run for five teams, players would be distributed in the following manner, repeating until every player is distributed:


Team A >> Team B >> Team C >> Team D >> Team E >> Team E >> Team D >> Team C >> Team B >> Team A


After the computer’s done its work, you have the chance to check your teams and make any necessary adjustments. Once the teams are set to your liking, hit Save and you’re done! Don’t worry if adjustments are needed. You can always return to that edit screen or undo the entire process to start from scratch.


Tips and Tricks

  •  Auto Assign cannot be used if players or volunteers are already assigned to teams. Make sure to use Auto Assign before doing anything else.
  • If you see an option greyed out, it will not have an effect on your team assignments. Go back and enter data in the necessary section to take advantage of the greyed out option.

  • Auto assign works great under any circumstances, but it works best when paired with smart division creation. Make sure you’ve separated your players into appropriate groups on the front end by creating proper age and gender group divisions on your program. This will help your rosters turn out correct the first time.

  • Whenever multiple players could be allocated to a team, the system randomly selects one player. Your team assignments will likely look slightly different each time you run them, so if you don’t like your teams the first time, try running the tool again.


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