Auto Assign Walkthrough

Follow these steps to successfully complete automatic team assignment. 

  1. Navigate to the Teams menu and click the large green button to add new teams. Click the Auto Assign Teams button from the pop-up menu.

  2. Select whether you want to create a total number of teams or set a limit to the number of players who can be assigned to a team.

  3. Select which Optional Draft Settings you would like to include. The system will only assign players allowed by the setting(s) you select.


  4. Select which Criteria you’d like the system to consider during player distribution. The system will sort your player and volunteer groups by these criteria and distribute to teams accordingly.

  5. Click Assign to activate automatic assignment. You will see a preview screen with the system’s proposed teams. You may:

    • Edit all team names by clicking the Edit Names button in the top-right corner, changing your team names and clicking Save Names at the bottom.
    • Swap players or volunteers by checking the boxes next to two swap-ees on different teams, then clicking the Swap button at the bottom of the screen.
    • Move players or volunteers to different teams by selecting the box next to the person to be moved, then clicking the Move Here button at the top of their destination team’s roster.
    • View more information about your players and volunteers by selecting an item from the drop-down menu towards the top-left corner of the screen. You can view two columns of information at once.
    • Accept your team assignments and edits by clicking the Accept Assignment button.

  6. After accepting your automatic assignments you may click the Edit Auto Assign button to return to the preview screen where you can make all the edits mentioned above.

  7. You may also click the Undo Auto Assign button to unallocate all players and volunteers from your rosters and delete all created teams. Keep in mind this cannot be undone!

Click Here to see an overview of Auto Assign

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