Updating Team Personnel Positions

Have too many members signed up for assistant coach but not enough for head coach? No problem! You can now change a member’s position without making them re-register


Go to Teams and navigate to the right program and division. Click Edit next to the team and go to Team Personnel

Click the edit pencil next to the role. 



Select the role you would like to move them to and click on the orange check mark to update. 



Your members will receive an email letting them know their position has been changed - prompting them to log in and fill out any new or required questions.

Please note: You can only change the position of a member if they have not yet been allocated to a team. You also cannot edit the position of a member if they were marked as failed during their verification process

If you would like to transfer someone into a different program or division all together, you will need to go through the Bulk Transfer page. 




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