Player Verification

The player verification module is most often used as a way to track birth certificates as well as other documents uploaded. If you have chosen to require other documents like proof of residency, this is where you can verify their accuracy. The birth certificate only needs to be verified once in the system before locking down the birth date from being changed by the parent. Any other document uploads will be verified individually.

For more information on how to create document upload questions, click on this guide

** You must create a document question or enable the birth certificate upload option to utilize this page. **

Click on the Teams button on the admin menu at the top of your screen. This will take you to your Teams Landing Page. Then click on Players and Verification.



You have the option to search for people by program/division and team, by what documents have been verified, or by their name. To filter our by their name or any of the other columns, just click the arrow next to the column for filter options. 



Once you have found the correct player record, click on the Files button to expand all of the files for that person. You can View the file to confirm it is correct. 


You can also click Note to comment about the particular document. Click Ok once you are done. 



When you are ready to verify the information for a player, just check the boxes next to each file and click Verify at the bottom of the screen. 


When you verify a player, this will automatically lock the player’s birth date and parents will no longer be able to change or edit this date within their account.

*Please Note: Even though parents will no longer be able to edit their child’s date of birth, any person with Club Admin access can edit this player birth date by going to Search & Manage Users, searching for the player account, and clicking Edit Participant Info next to the player name.

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