Team Page Visibility Settings

Manage Teams 

You can manage Team Page Visibility on the Manage Teams page. Setting options for Team Page Visibility include Everyone (Public), Registered Users, and Team Members Only. Team Page Visibility changes are global and cannot be set for individual pages.

Steps to Manage Team Page Visibility:

1.  Go to Team Central > Team Directory > Manage Teams


2. To change Team Page Visibility, simply click the radio button of another visibility option, such as Everyone or Team Members Only, and click Update*Note: Team Page Visibility changes are global and cannot be set for individual pages.

Make sure you click the Update button at the bottom of the page to save all visibility changes.



3. Visibility Explanations: 

*** Please note that no matter what visibility is chosen, members of the team ( players, team personnel and parents ), will always have full access to their own team page. This includes visibility of Home, Roster, Calendar, News, Gallery and Discussions. If you are allocated as a team personnel for that particular team, you will also have the ability to edit and view other information such as Print Roster. ***

  • Public - any user who visits your site can view any team’s page. In Public view, the user does not have to have an account to view a team's page. However, this view will be limited if the user is logged out or not a member of that team. The only pages the public will be able to access are the Home and Roster tabs. The Home tab will only display information about the coach. The Roster tab will display the roster but only certain information will be visible. 
    • Player First Name
    • Player Last Initial (13 and over)
    • Player Non Gender Specific Silhouette
    • Player Profile Link (13 and over)
    • Player Jersey Number (if entered)
    • Player Position (if entered)
    • Team Personnel First Name
    • Team Personnel Last Initial
    • Team Personnel Role
    • Team Personnel Profile Link
  • Registered Users - any user who has an account (regardless if they have players that are registered) on your site can view any team’s page. This view will be limited if the registered user is not a member of that team. As a registered user not on a team, they can only view everything listed above as a public users. They will only have access to the Home and Roster tab. 
  • Team Member only - only Club Admins can view all team pages. If you have set the visibility to Admin only and you have posted a team’s roster, then this will allow parents to view their child’s team page only. Parents will have to access their child’s team page through their My Account Screen team link instead of the Team Directory if you switch to Admin Only view.



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