Add Team Photos and Videos

Users can view pictures and videos uploaded into the system. Only volunteers associated with the team and administrators may upload these items directly. 

To upload content to the site, volunteers and administrators need to navigate to the gallery page and click the Manage Gallery button. 


They then can either upload individual photos from their computer or entire albums from Flickr or Google+. Admins can also add videos and video playlists pulled from either YouTube or Vimeo. To pull a video, users will only need that video or video playlist’s share link.




Players and parents can also share the gallery images to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.




Volunteers and admins can control how much social media is shown within the Gallery. They have the option to add a unique hashtag for their team. This will pull photos from other media sources with the same hashtag into the Team Page Gallery. All of this can be monitored in the team page settings found in the top right corner of the team page. 




Once in the settings, click Social Settings and choose exactly what should be displayed. 


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