Team Discussions and Communication

The best way to communicate with your team is through team page discussions.  All allocated team personnel can start discussions from both the team page and the mobile app. To start a discussion, go to the Discussion tab on your team page and click Start New Discussion


The topic can be typed out and you can even add a file! Once you click OK, the discussion will be posted and an email will be sent to everyone notifying them that a discussions has been started. 


Administrators and Division Managers can also post discussion to team pages

If a volunteer would like to disable anyone from commenting, they can do so in the privacy settings of the team page. To learn more about the Settings, Click Here.

When an email is sent notifying users a discussion is posted, the user can reply directly to the email sending an email response back to the sender, this will not post a response directly back to the discussion on the team page. Users can post responses back to the team page discussion, but this must take place directly from the team page.

A Discussion will notify everyone currently allocated to a team (Primary Email, Additional User Email and Player Email if listed). If a coach or parent would like to get in contact with someone specific, they can do so from the Mobile App or from the Messages tab on their My Account page. To learn more on messaging, Click Here



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