Add News Articles to a Team Page

The team home pages have an awesome spot to post important news articles that are team specific! Any volunteer allocated to the team will be able to update the news section.


To get to the team news articles you’ll want to go to Team Directory > Find the team > Click Team Home.

Once you’re on the team home page, you can click on News to see the Team’s News Articles.


Volunteers and administrators can add and edit stories by navigating to this page and clicking the Manage News button. The story with the star icon selected will be set as the headline story, always appearing across the top of the news page. New stories may be posted, saved as drafts, or archived.

**If a story is archived or saved as a draft it will not be public.



You can add photos, tags and detailed information for each news article.

Just click Save as Article when done and your team can view the latest news. 

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