Team Calendar

Here users may view their team’s calendar, view their game results and sign up to bring refreshments to events. Only administrators may enter game results. 

To get to the team calendar, go to Team Directory > Find the team > Click Team Home.

Then, click on Calendar.



The Team Calendar has three viewing options - Agenda (which is a summary of the week), Week, or Month. Practices, Games, and other Team Events will display on the calendar, along with details (time/location/opponent) and Coach contact info. The calendar also shows the results for each game, contains an export tool, and allows parents or volunteers sign up for certain responsibilities for the events!

 *Please Note - The "Create Event" button is only available if your site's administrators have enabled it. You'll need to reach out to your league/organization directly for use of this feature. 




Admins have the ability to add tasks and parents can claim them. The question of who is bringing orange slices has been answered!

Press the expand icon, and click Add New Task to create a new task for the game.


Fill in the Task, select a user to assign the task, select the frequency for the task and click Add Item when complete. Users can also come up with their own tasks.

Your claimed tasks will show in the column to the right.


Parents can also track their responsibilities from their My Account page so they are always reminded of what they signed up for. 


For more information on viewing the calendar from the My Account page, Click Here.

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