Edit Team Roster/ Print Team Roster

Here users can see their teammates names, position, number and access teammates’ profiles (if active). Volunteers assigned to the team may view players’ contact info and type private notes on each player.


To get to the team roster first go to Team Central > Team Directory.


After you find the team you’re looking for click on Team Home. This will take you to that team’s individual Home page. Next, click on Roster.



On the roster page, parents and players can see their teammates, coaches, and other personnel for their team!

**This also comes in two separate views, roster view or photo view.


As an allocated volunteer, you will also have the ability to print and edit the roster. Printing the roster will give you the contact information of the parents in case you need to reach out to them! Editing will allow volunteers to set the position and number of a player and they can also add notes to the player’s profile.


Each player also has a player profile that parents and volunteers can edit. You can find more information on that Here



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