Team Settings

Volunteers and administrators can link to social media, set their team’s unique hashtag (See Gallery guide), regulate commenting and upload unique team sponsors under the team page settings.

To access settings, just click on the icon in the top right corner of the team page.



Enabling commenting will allow parents to participate in discussions. Enabling sharing will let players and parents share photos and videos to their personal social media accounts.

You can also choose to allow parents to create discussions. This will be defaulted to on. If you wish to take this permission away, you can turn it off. 


Each team can have their own personal hashtag linked to their account. This will create a “Social Stream” of posts on the team home page. The volunteer or administrator will select the hashtag and from there, anything posted on Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube with that hashtag will show in a stream on their home page!

If you have a team calendar in Google, you can also add the embed code to display the calendar on the team page.  

** Please note that using hashtags on Facebook will not carry over to your website. Unfortunately this was a decision made by Facebook to shut down access to hashtags in their API. You can still click on hashtags within Facebook but they will not show outside of the social media site. This decision was made by Facebook, so we do not have the ability to change this unless Facebook decides to open up this part of their API. For more information on this, please click the following article. **


Teams can also have their own individual sponsors.



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