Editing Reports [+Video]

Editing Reports

You can choose to view some of our reports as they are, or you can use them as building blocks to create your own custom reports. Any information gathered during the registration process can be included in a report, so you are able to add and remove various information fields to create an infinite number of unique reports.

*Only reports with the Edit button next to them can be edited.

Steps to Edit a Report:

    1. Go to Reports >> then click Edit next to the report you'd like to edit. *Only reports with the Edit button next to them can be edited.
    2. In the Report Fields section, you can use the scroll bar to scroll down and click on the Click here to add new column button. When you click this link, you'll be presented with many more fields that you can add to each report (for example, player gender and player allergies). See image below.

    3. In the Report Fields section, you can click on the blue oval with a white arrow icon to Sort (descending/ascending), Move (position field shows on report), or Delete a field. See image below.

    4. In the Field Order section, you can change which field to sort by first, by clicking on the blue oval with a white arrow icon and moving the fields around. See image below.

    5. In the Field Conditions section, you can restrict/filter the report to only run for certain conditions. In the example below, I clicked on Click here to add new condition, then selected Program >> Program Name >> contains >> 2013. So this report will only run for programs that have 2013 included in their name on the Registration screen. There are a number of different combinations of filters you can set here. See image below.

    6. In the Custom Questions section, you can add any of the custom questions or fees/discounts that users answered while going through the registration process.

      • To add a custom question to your report, you'll first need to select Additional Player Information from the Select FormName drop down. 
      • Next, select the program which the question was added to from the Select Programs drop down. Make sure you select the correct program name. If you select the wrong program from a past year, the custom question column will appear blank in your report.
      • Finally, click the custom question from the left hand column and then click on Add to move the question to the right hand column.

      This will include the question and its responses in your report. See image below.


    7. Once you have customized your report, you can:
      • Save it - by giving it a new name (i.e. Spring 2013 Baseball Enrollment Details) and clicking Save As at the top.
      • Run the Report - this will display the results on the same page at the bottom.
      • Export the Report to Excel, CSV or Google Drive- this will export the report results to an excel or csv file.

*Note: Once your report has been saved you can find it under Reports >> Saved Reports. From here you can always view your custom report or export it.
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