Report FAQs

Report FAQS

  1. What do I need to do if I am having trouble viewing the report (once exported, the report appears as random characters)?

    Reports need to be viewed in Excel 2003 or newer. If you have an older version, it’s likely that the reports will not appear correctly and will display random characters once exported. You will need to use a downloadable viewer to use the reports such as this free Microsoft Viewer, or you will need to upgrade to a newer version of Excel. If you do not have excel, and have a Google account, you can export to Google Drive
  2. How do I create a custom report?

    You can view step by step instructions on how to create a custom report by viewing our Editing Reports help page.
  3. How do I keep my own reports to use again?

    Once you have set up your own report, you can select the Save As option that appears under the space to name the report. This will save the report (with the name displayed), so you can go back and view an updated report at any time. (Note: The reports update automatically every day, so you will not need to create a new report each time you need an update.)
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