Tryout Status Report

The Tryout Status Report is designed to give Admins an easy way to determine the status of all participants in a Tryout Program who have been offered a place on a team. It is one of our most popular reports for any club running a travel competitive program.

Steps to View the Tryout Status Report:

1. Go to Reports >> then click View next to the Tryout Status Report under the Roster section.


2. Select a program from the Tryout Programs section. Place a check mark in the check box next to the program name.


3. Click View Report.


The report will display relevant player and account information as well as the payment status for both the tryout fee and division price orders. It can be exported as a number of different file types.



Fields Included in the Report:

  • Program Name

  • Division Name

  • Team Name

  • Player First and Last Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Account First and Last Name

  • Primary Telephone Number

  • Primary Cellphone Number

  • Primary Other Telephone Number

  • Secondary Contact First and Last Name (if enabled)

  • Secondary Telephone Number

  • Secondary Cellphone Number

  • Secondary Other Telephone Number

  • Tryout Rejection Email Sent? (Yes or No)

  • Tryout Acceptance Status

  • Tryout Fee Cost

  • Tryout Fee Balance

  • Division Price Cost

  • Division Price Balance
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