SAY Team Roster Report

SAY Team Roster Report

Our partnership with SAY is very important to us, and the feedback we receive helps our company to grow and better serve our customers. With that in mind, we  made this report to help make the process of filling out your SAY team roster forms a whole lot easier. With the help of one of our customers, we designed this report to pull the necessary SAY roster information collected during registration.

Step to Take Before Running the Report:

  1. Go to Teams >> Select the Program and Division you would like to run this report for >> click Edit next to the team name>> Expand the Additional Details section >> and fill out the necessary information for the report below:

    State Association Name - Enter your Area Name
    State District Name - Enter your District Name
    Jersey Color - Enter Team Shirt Color
    *Please Note: You'll need to repeat these steps for each team that you want the report to pull all this information for. Make sure you click Save All Changes once you are done entering this information.
  2. Now go to Teams >> Registration & Jersey # >> Select the Program, Division, and Team >> Fill in Player Jersey Numbers.

    *Please Note: You'll need to repeat these steps for each team that you want the jersey numbers to pull from for the report. Make sure you click Update once you are done entering this information.

Steps to Export the SAY State Team Registration Form:

  1. Go to Reports and click the button under the header at the top of the page for Governing Body Reports > Click on View next to the SAY Team Roster Report under the Roster section.
  2. Select the Program, Division, and Team.
  3. Click on View Report.
  4. Export the report to Excel or PDF.

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