Team Roster Report

This report will show you players and personnel allocated per team.

Steps to View the Team Roster Report:

  1. Go to Reports >> then click View next to the Team Roster Report under the Roster section.
  2. Select a Program and a Division from the drop down list (you can select a Team as well but it is not required).
  3. You have the option of including additional volunteer, player, team, and account info to the report. In the Additional Fields section, click on Click here to add new column to add any of the additional fields.

  4. You can also add Additional Player Info or Additional Volunteer Info custom question answers to the report. In the Custom Questions section, select either Additional Player Info or Additional Volunteer Info from the drop down menu, select the question in the left column, then click Add to move the question to the right to include the question and responses in the report.

  5. Click on View Report to run the report.
  6. You can choose to export the report to Excel or PDF. Each team will show up and print on their own separate page.  **Please note, any roster with over six columns/fields will require some editing in excel to adjust the page break, allowing the team roster to remain on one page.  In Excel, head to View > Page Break >Drag to include all columns.


    Fields Included in the Report:

    • Player Name
    • Account Name
    • Account Phone Number
    • Account E-mail
    • Volunteer Role
    • Volunteer Name
    • Volunteer E-mail
    • Volunteer Phone Number

    7.  Click Save to save all changes in your report. Your report will now be stored in the Saved Reports            Tab on the Reports page.



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