Payment Plan Line Item Report

Payment Plan Line Item Report

Do you have payment plans set up on your site? If so, use this report for a line by line breakdown of all payment plan orders processed on your site.

Steps to Configure a Payment Plan Line Item Report:

  1. To view this report as is, just go to Reports >> then click on View next to the Payment Plan Line Item Report.

  2. To edit this report by removing or adding fields, just go to Reports >> then click on Edit next to the Payment Plan Line Item Report. Please take a look at our Editing Reports help page. Once you edit a report and save it, you can run and export the saved version at anytime from the Saved Reports tab.

  3. To export this report as is, just go to Reports >> then click on Export>> Excel,CSV (Comma Separated Field) or Google Drive  to export the report into an Excel file.

Payment Plan Line Item Report Helpful Tips:

  • This report is a good tool to use if you would like an overall look at who is enrolled in a payment plan on your website and the breakdown of these payment plan orders. This report includes users who are enrolled in both ARB and manual payment plans. You will be able to see a breakdown of payments that have been made towards a user’s payment plan balance and any upcoming installments that will be made towards this balance.

    If you would like to see an overall summary of the money collected (and to be collected in the future) from Automatic Recurring Billing, please check out the Automatic Recurring Billing Summary Report.

  • Sort by “Is ARB” to quickly and easily obtain a list of parents who are enrolled in manual subscriptions or ARB subscriptions. Hint: Anyone that has No listed in this column is enrolled in a manual payment plan. Any installments initially paid at checkout will have also display “No” in this column - because no subscription was created when they were paid manually at checkout.

    Once you have your list of those enrolled in manual plans or those enrolled in ARB plans, feel free to customize the report and add any additional columns that will help you when reviewing the report later! Remember to Save your customized report so you can return to it whenever you need it! 

  • Run this report for a specific program, division, or team, export the report to Excel, and share this spreadsheet with coaches and team managers so if you need them to, they can help with payment collection in the future. It’s always a good idea to keep everyone on the same page about their payment plan balance.

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