Volunteer Details Report

Review information collected from volunteers. You can even collect the responses to your custom questions!


Steps to Configure a Volunteer Details Report:

  1. To View this report as is, go to Reports >> then click View next to the Volunteer Details Report.

  2. Or, use the Edit option to add/remove fields and filters to fine tune your results. Once you've edited the report to your liking, use the Save option to run/export the saved version at any time from the Saved Reports tab.
  3. To export this report as is, just go to Reports >> then click on Export>> Excel,CSV (Comma Separated Field) or Google Drive to export the report into an Excel file. 

Please note:
 As a safety measure, Blue Sombrero encrypts a Volunteer's Social Security Number and Driver's License information. To obtain the encrypted information:

  1. Edit the Volunteer Details Report to your liking to add/remove the needed fields, then rename and save it.
  2. Use either the in-site Support Widget or the Contact Us form at the bottom of our Support Site to reach out to our Support Team.
  3. In your Support request, please provide the name of your saved report in the Description field, your Website URL, and select “Volunteer Details Reports/Background Checks” in the “I am a league administrator looking for assistance with one of the following:” field.
  4. Once we’ve received your request, a member of our team will run the indicated report and provide you with an encrypted link to download the data.
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