Volunteer Details Report

Volunteer Details Report

Review information collected from volunteers. You can even collect the responses to your custom questions!

If you need to yield sensitive volunteer registration information such as drivers license and social security numbers for background checks, our support team can help! First, please customize and save a Volunteer Details Report with the information that you need. Then, send our team an email request to adminhelp@bluesombrero.com with the name of your saved report and we will send it back to you via our secure email process.

Steps to Configure a Volunteer Details Report:

  1. To view this report as is, just go to Reports >> then click on View next to the Volunteer Details Report.

  2. To edit this report by removing or adding fields, just go to Reports >> then click on Edit next to the Volunteer Details Report. Please take a look at our Editing Reports help page. Once you edit a report and save it, you can run and export the saved version at anytime from the Saved Reports tab.
  3. To export this report as is, just go to Reports >> then click on Export>> Excel,CSV (Comma Separated Field) or Google Drive to export the report into an Excel file. 
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