Shopping Cart Report

Shopping Cart Report

The Shopping Cart Report will display information for all users who have yet to complete their registration orders. This means that they have added the registration to their shopping cart but have not submitted their order. This report is useful as registration deadlines approach to help you follow up with people who have not submitted their orders.

*Note: Once the Registration Close Date  (configured in Step 6 of the Registration Wizard) has passed for a particular division, all shopping cart orders will automatically be cleared .

Steps to View the Shopping Cart Report:

  1. Go to Reports >>then click on View next to the Shopping Cart Report.
  2. The report will automatically populate with the default sort being from most recent order placed in a shopping cart to the oldest.
  3. You may export the report in a number of different file formats via the corresponding drop-down menu.

  4. To email these users (to remind them they have an order in the shopping cart) you can go to Email & Text >> Email >> then select Shopping Cart Orders from the Groups drop down menu.
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