Uniform Report

Registration Report #12

View a numeric summary of uniform item size responses collected during registration.


This report tallies information on sizes collected from registration form questions configured using the Uniform Selection custom question or any of the predefined size questions. This report will break down the size information by Program, Division, and Team.

Steps to View the Uniform Report:

  1. Click the Reports tab in the administrative toolbar
  2. Click View next to the Uniform Report (Report #12 in the Registration Reports section)
  3. Select a Program from the drop-down menu (You may select a specific Division as well)

  4. Click on View Report.
  5. You will see a report generated that displays a Program Summary for uniform item sizes followed by a Division Summary for each division within the program and a Teams Summary for teams within each division if teams have been created (only allocated players’ responses will be tallied in the teams summary)
  6. You may also click on the Export option to create a file of the report


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