Participant Report

Participant Report

This is a great way to view information on each player registered. You can filter down to only run this report for select divisions or players. This report will give you, on one page, a player and ALL of their registration information that was entered into the system.

Steps to View a Participant Report:

  1. Go to Reports >> then click on View next to the  Participant Report.
  2. Select the Program.
  3. Select the Division.
  4. Select a Participant Name (if you leave this blank it will export all players from the program/division selected).
  5. Choose the Registration Dates that you want to export (if you leave this blank it will export all players selected regardless of their registration date).
  6. participant_report.png
  7. Click on Export to Excel. *Please Note: You may need to hold down CTRL when you click this to disable all pop up blockers on your computer.
  8. When you click Print, all player reports will print on their own separate page.
  9. If you do not have Excel Version 2007, you may have problems opening the report. You can always download the free Excel Viewer from Microsoft though.
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