Upward ULM Report

Upward ULM Report

An extensive report that displays registration data for any Upward created programs. Use this report to upload into your ULM (Upward League Manager). 

Steps to Export the Upward ULM Report:

IMPORTANT- You should only export one program at a time. The export feature will generate a report that can be saved and then imported into ULM.

  1. Go to Reports >> then click on View next to the Upward ULM Report.

  2. Use the date pickers if you only need to upload players from a certain date range (or you've already uploaded some of the players).
  3. Select the Program you wish to generate an export file.
  4. To export Players, click the Players Report button.
  5. To export Coaches, click the Coaches Report (any volunteer role that contains the word “Coach” in the Volunteer Role Name will be included in this export).
  6. To export Volunteers (any volunteer role that does NOT have “Coach” in the Volunteer Role Name) click the Volunteers Report
  7. The Report will automatically download as a CSV file, which is the file type needed to upload into the Upward League Manager.

  8. Your file is ready for importing to ULM!!!
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