New Players Report (Excel)

New Players Report

Please follow the steps below to view enrollment details for new players only. *Note: This only works assuming that the players all have different names and are only enrolled in one division per program/season.

Steps to Configure an Enrollment Details report in Excel for New Players:

  1. In your Blue Sombrero system, go to Reports >> then export to Excel the Enrollment Details report that you need (you'll need to edit the report first to only include certain programs that you need the information for).
  2. Once in Excel, insert a new column to the right of the Player Last Name column.

  3. In row 1 of the new column, type the label "Concatenate".

  4. In row 2 of the Concatenate column, we want to combine player first name and player last name in order to find the duplicates, so input the following formula:  =Concatenate(ColumnRow, ColumnRow). For this example, I needed to combine Column E & Column F starting with Row 2. So my formula is =Concatenate(E2,F2).

  5. Hit Enter after typing in your formula. This will combine the cells so that the information is now all in one cell in the Concatenate column.

  6. Now drag the bottom right corner of the cell that you typed the formula in, in order to copy the formula down the entire Concatenate column.

  7. Now select your entire Concatenate column and go to Conditional Formatting >> Highlight Cell Rules >> Duplicate Values.

  8.  Select Duplicate values with Light Red Fill with Dark Red Text from the drop-down menus then click on OK.

  9. Now click on Sort & Filter >> Custom Sort.

  10. Click on Sort when the Sort Warning prompt comes up.

  11. Sort by Column: Concatenate. Sort on: Cell Color. Order: Light Red - On Top. Click OK. See image below.


  12. Now all your duplicate players will show in red at the top of your spreadsheet. You can delete the duplicates by clicking on Data >> Delete Duplicates. Once you delete all the duplicates, you'll only be left with new players.

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