Little League Player Import Report

Importing Your Club Data to Little League

Importing your club’s registration data into the Little League system is easy with Sports Connect! We have outlined some steps below that will walk you through the process of getting your data out of your Sports Connect system and into your Little League system in just a few minutes. As always, our Support Ninjas are here to help if you have any questions. To get started, you will be using a report called the Little League Player Import Report.

Steps to Configure a Little League Player Import File on Sports Connect:

1. Go to Reports >> then click on the Governing Body Reports tab.




2. Select the program you want to run this report for from the Select Program drop down. Click Edit next to the Little League Player Import Report.


3. Change the Report Name to: Little League Player Import Report - 2013 Spring Baseball (or the specific name of your program and program year).


4. Click Save beneath this Report Name.


5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Export to CSV. Check out the How to Save as a CSV File in case you need to Export to Excel and save as a CSV file type from there.

**Note: After you export your file to Excel, you will need to make sure you do a Find & Replace with the Role, State, and Country columns.

Role needs to have “B” and “G” instead of “M” and “F.”

State needs to be 2 letters instead of spelled out.

Country needs to be “US” instead of United States.

After you export to Excel, you will also need to manually input the Division # column. Here are the valid LLB Division codes:

         11 = Baseball Tball

         12 = Baseball Minors

         13 = Baseball Majors

         14 = Intermediate Division (50/70)

         15 = Baseball Senior

         16 = Baseball Big League

         17 = Baseball Junior

         18 = Challenger Division

         21 = Girls Softball Tball

         22 = Girls Softball Minors

         23 = Girls Softball Majors

         25 = Girls Softball Senior

         26 = Girls Softball Big League

         27 = Girls Softball Junior

         31 = Boys Softball Tball

         32 = Boys Softball Minors

         33 = Boys Softball Majors

         35 = Boys Softball Senior

         36 = Boys Softball Big League

         37 = Boys Softball Junior


6. Click Save in Excel, then change the filename and extension to the program name and program year, for example: Little-League-Player-Import-2013-Spring-Baseball.csv, and save the file to your desktop.


You should be all set to import to Little League after this!

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