Got Soccer Player Import Report

Importing Your Club Data to Got Soccer

Importing your club’s registration data into your state’s system is easy with Sports Connect! We have outlined some steps below that will walk you through the process of getting your data out of your Sports Connect club system and into your State’s Got Soccer system in just a few minutes. As always, our Support Ninjas are here to help if you have any questions. To get started, you will be using a brand new report called the Got Soccer Player Import Report.

Step to Configure a Got Soccer Player Import File on Sports Connect:

1. First, please make sure you've inputted all the team age groups and state levels into the system. You can do this per team by going to Teams >> Click on Edit next to each team name >> Expand the Additional Settings section >> Fill out State Age Group & State Level fields.


2. Now go to Reports >> then click on the Governing Body Reports tab.




3. Select the program you want to run this report for from the Select Program drop down. Click Edit next to the Got Soccer Player Import Report.


4. Change the Report Name to: Got Soccer Player Import Report - 2013-2014 Travel Soccer (or the specific name of your program and program year).




5. Scroll back up to the top of the report and click on Save.


6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Export to CSV. This is an important step as you must have the file saved as a CSV file in order to import to Got Soccer. Check out the how to save as a CSV file for more info.


7. Choose Save, then change the file name and extension to: Got-Soccer-Player-Import-2013-2014-Travel-Soccer.csv and save it to your desktop.


Step to Import to Got Soccer:

  1. Go to the Got Soccer site and login.

  2. Go to Club >> Players >> Upload Players.
  3. Put a check by the field First row contains column headings.
  4. Click on Choose File and select your recently saved import CSV file from your desktop.
  5. Click on Open Selected File.

  6. For the Teams drop down selection, select Create Teams (requires team name, gender, and age) if you want teams to be created during import.
  7. For each field that you are importing, you will need to map the appropriate column to the appropriate field name in the Got Soccer system. For example, for the Middle Initial field, I have selected Middle Initial from the drop down menu. A couple of notes: 
    • Player ID is not required for import as it will likely be generated by the state (however this may vary from state to state). Player uniqueness will be determined by name, gender, and DOB in the Got Soccer system.
    • Team Age Group does not need to be imported as the field will be auto-populated based on the DOB of the players on the team.
  8. Click on Import Data and you will be taken to a confirmation screen.
  9. That's all there is to it!
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