Add Images to an Email

Steps to Add Images to an Email:

  1. First, you'll need to get to Step 10 on our Send an Email help page.
  2. Then, click on the Image Manager button.  

  3. Select an image from the list (these are images from your File Manager) or click on Upload to upload an image from your computer.
  4. If you chose to select a file from the list, please skip to step 8.
  5. If you chose to Upload an image from your computer, click on Select.
  6. Find the file on your computer, select it, and then click on Open.
  7. Now click on Upload.

  8. Scroll through your list of files (sorted alphabetically), select the file you just uploaded or a previous file, and then click on Insert.

  9. Your image will now appear in your email message box. Right click on the image and go to Properties if you need to adjust the width/height of the image.
  10. Follow the rest of the steps on our Send an Email help page to finish sending your email.
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