Manage Email Subscriptions: Subscribe/Unsubscribe

Manage Email Subscriptions

With the Manage Email Subscriptions feature, Admins can quickly and efficiently determine which users have chosen to opt out of receiving bulk emails from the club. This feature is most helpful for resubscribing users that have accidentally unsubscribed to emails from your organization.

*In order to stay current with CAN SPAM compliance, every email sent through our Email feature will have a footer added to it with a link to unsubscribe.


Steps to Subscribe/Unsubscribe Email Addresses:

  1. Go to Email.
  2. Click on Manage Email Subscriptions.

  3. Select to search by either First Name, Last Name, or Email Address.
  4. After running a search, view whether an email address is subscribed or unsubscribed in the far-right column. To change the email address's subscription status, check the box next to the email then click the corresponding button at the bottom of your results. 

**If you have any users suggesting they are not receiving emails, but show as subscribed on the site, please reach out to Our team can validate email delivery and cross reference spam reports. 

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