Email Statistics

Email Statistics tracks all of the Newsletters sent on your site. With the click of a button, you’ll see copies of all emails sent, date and time stamps, the sender’s username, and read counts!

Steps to View Email Statistics:

  1. Go to Email.
  2. Click on Email Statistics.

  3. Notice the Sent Date and Time, Sender, and Subject of each Newsletter.

  4. Click the View button to read the previously sent email, or use the Resend feature to send the email again. When Resending an email, you'll see the option to send it immediately or schedule it for a later date. 

  5. Click on Details under Email Groups to view exactly which groups were included in the email. This will only show groups and will not include additional recipients added to the list. 

  6. If you click on Details under Statistics you can see the Queued, Duplicate, Unsubscribed, Invalid, Bounced, Sent, and Read columns. If you do not see all of these columns, please scroll to the right to view more. 

    Queued: Total number of emails included in your Email List.
    Duplicate: Emails included more than once.
    Unsubscribed: Addresses that previously unsubscribed from receiving your emails.
    Invalid: Invalid email addresses.
    Bounced: Addresses that previously bounced back.
    Sent: Total number of actual emails sent out
    Read:Total number of emails read
    Sent Mail Amount = Queued - Duplicate - Unsubscribed - Invalid - Bounced


**If you have any users suggesting they are not receiving emails, but show as subscribed on the site, please submit a Support Ticket. Our team can validate email delivery and cross reference spam reports. 

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